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Naum Sharapov
Naum Sharapov

Nostale Minigame Bot Download NEW!

First, install PyAutoGUI by downloading it from PyPI or installing it through the pip program that comes with Python 3. If you've installed PyAutoGUI before, use the -U option to update it to the latest version. This tutorial uses Python 3, though PyAutoGUI and the bot code work with either Python 2 or 3.

Nostale Minigame Bot Download


PyAutoGUI provides basic image recognition by finding the screen coordinates of a provided image. To save yourself time of taking screenshots and making these images yourself, download them from the zip file here. All of the images should be stored in an /images folder:

To find the game window, we search for the top-right corner image, which is stored in top_right_corner.png. (These image files are included in the zip file download.) Once this image is located on the screen, the GAME_REGION variable can be populated.

If you download and run the bot, it doesn't have much problem beating all 7 levels of Sushi Go Round. But as you can tell from the leaderboard, if doesn't compare to the best human players. Feel free to modify the code to try to improve the performance of the bot. 350c69d7ab


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