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The Full Story


The first time I heard about TED Disease,

It was to late for me

After so many decades of socio-medical challenges,

I sometimes still don't know how things could have been differently for me

Surely, not feeling isolated or outcasted would have made a difference

not to mention, the heavy load of social stigma attached to 


A friend recently asked me what I now wanted  from Life?

It took me months to answer...

Struggle can become a habit

I can say that now I deserve to be healthy, LOved and Happy

struggling no more...

tega - LOGO DEF maio.jpg


This image says so much about my journey to even think that TEDGALA is more than possible, IT IS by essence of all our stories, the story of adversity, resilience and sharing experiences and information

Whoever said that Knowledge is POWER, may have forgotten to mention that in cases like ThyroidEye Disease, KNOWLEDGE could mean life or death !


A high Profile GALA to raise awareness about the devastating consequences of #Thyroid.Eye.Disease and Funds for UK charities (for start), @tedgala now @tedgala.official brings together a vast array of professionals, creatives artists and sponsors ready to make a difference in the lives of millions suffering patients and their friends & families

 Not understanding what your loved ones are suffering from is really something to experience.

Or not!

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