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9 : Dragon Of Dragon

The number nine and dragons are very important in Chinese culture. This particular wall is made of glazed tile from China and is modeled after the wall in Beihai Park in Beijing. The Chinatown mural replicates the large dragons and over 500 smaller dragons painted in red, gold and blue signifying the Chinese focus on good fortune. The Nine Dragon Wall is one of the only three such replicas outside of China.

9 : Dragon of Dragon

After Aegon was named King, a gigantic dragon burst up from under the floor. Amid the dust and debris, we see the dragon is being ridden by Rhaenys Targaryen. She managed to sneak off during the ceremony and retrieve Meleys, her dragon.

Everyone runs out of the Dragon Pit, except for the king and his gang -- including the queen, the hand and Ser Criston. Rhaenys and her enormous dragon approach them. She could burn them alive, and teases doing so by making Meleys let off a huge roar.

Alicent wasn't the only character to get some shine in episode 9, as Rhaenys also ruled here. Her scene with Alicent was great, and her power move of erupting from under the floor with a giant dragon will be hard to top.

During the ride, Aquila enters the Starflight Express, and ask the hero for the fyggs. They refuse to give him the fyggs, and engage in battle with Aquila. The main character finds themselves unable to attack Aquila (or even move), because Celestrians can't attack their superior, and thus he nearly kills them. The train is then attacked by a large black dragon, and strange man whom Aquilla refers to as "Lieutenant Hootingham-Gore". The main character soon falls out of the starflight express and awakes in Wormwood Creek. They them enter Wormwood Forest and meet Serena, who wants the main character to find a serene necklace she hid under the Guardian Statue. The main character finds the necklace and, after retrieving it, returns to Serena, who agrees to break the seal blocking the entrance to the Bowhole. The hero defeats the beast Gadrongo, and gets the Wyrmlight Bow, which they then use to open a path to Upover. The hero climbs the Magmaroo, a volcano where the light dragon Greygnarl resides. After battling him and receiving the dragon warrior armor, he and the hero battle Barbarus, the dark dragon. During the fight, Greygnarl sacrifices himself, and the hero falls to the Gortress. Teaming up with Sterling, a fellow jailmate, the hero escapes the Gortress and returns to the Observatory. Yggdrasil turns into the goddess Celestria, who guides the hero to Gittingham Palace. The hero defeats King Godwyn's ultimate form and gains access to the Oubliette, where they find Corvus. He rides Barbarus to the Realm of the Almighty, and corrupts it into the Realm of the Mighty. Ascending the hellish domain, the hero battles Corvus. At first it is impossible to attack (as Corvus is a Celestrian and cannot be attacked by lesser Celestrians), but with the one remaining fygg, the hero is turned into a mortal, and is able to defeat Corvus.

We do not have to look in the pages of a fairy tale to find a dragon but can spot them around the world living in the wilderness. Dragons are a creature built from imagination, but real animals exist that have helped humans create these mythical reptiles. Here are 10 lizard species that look similar to dragons.

Living in the deserts, woodlands, and savanna habitats of Australia, the bearded dragon (Pogona) is now a popular pet lizard species that is found across the world. This lizard gets its name from the beard of spikes that appear under its neck. When in danger or angry bearded dragons will puff off the spikes around their neck to make themselves look more threatening. Along with the spikes on their neck, they also run down their body like an actual dragon.

The Chinese water dragon (Physignathus cocincinus) is a species native to east China, but also inhabits areas in Thailand, Cambodia, Burma, Laos, and Vietnam. Forests, next to freshwaters like lakes and streams are the habitats they live in. Also a popular pet species, most of the lizards in captivity are wild-caught. Chinese water dragons face population decline from the constant capturing of them in the wild and the destruction of their habitat.

Green is the most common color for this species, and they range from light to dark green with brown bands on their tail. Rough scales cover their body, and for males, more spikes cover their body. Chinese water dragons feed on insects and are well known for their ability to swim. To escape a predator they will dive into the water and are capable of staying underwater for around 90 minutes.

Draco Lizards (Draco volans) are also known as the flying dragon. This lizard species is small in size, only growing up to 8.4 inches long, but is able to take flight like a dragon. There are around 40 species of Draco lizards. Blue, red, brown, and orange are the colors they appear in. Flying from tree to tree is what this species spends most of its time doing. They will escape predators, hunt for insects, or chase down other lizards in their territory.

Draco lizards rarely go to the ground, but females will go there to deposit eggs into the soil. In the Philippines, this species is found in wooded areas and is an abundant lizard to find. Ants and termites make up the majority of their diet. While not large like a dragon, the Draco lizard is as close as it gets to a real life baby dragon.

In South Africa, it is possible to come across a small armored lizard species hiding in the deserts along the western coast of the country. Armadillo Girdled Lizards (Ouroborus cataphractus) is a dragon-like species that also have similar traits to an armadillo. To protect itself from predators this species will roll into a ball by putting its tail into its mouth. Thick scales and spikers cover their body for protection. Being a similar color to sand, they are able to effectively blend into their environment. While only growing 3.5 inches at max length, their sharp features and body shapes give them a similar appearance to a dragon.

Black is the most common color for this species, and large spikes can be seen running down their back. Marine Iguanas are covered in rough scales and have a hardened look, making them look similar to a dragon. Their claws hands are large, equipped with sharp claws.

Komodo dragons are meat-eaters and are also quite fast for their size. They can run 13 mph, but kill most of their prey by stalking, and overpowering. These giant dragons are capable of eating 80 percent of their body weight, but if danger comes they will puke up their food to make themselves lighter, and quicker.

A bite from a Komodo dragon is extremely painful and can kill a person within hours. Their teeth are sharp, used for ripping flesh, and venom is secreted when they bite. Komodo dragons are as ruthless as mythical dragons. To find a mate males will fight by crashing into each other and trading tail whips. Juvenile dragons are sometimes cannibalized by larger lizards, so they cover themselves in excrement to avoid being eaten. These lizards live in a few Indonesian islands but are endangered.

Each of the Nine Dragon Sons, where given an amount of the Summer Queen's Blood that then transformed each of them into Dragon Humans and given them the same attributes as the Summer Queen as a Dragon, albeit much weaker due to them only being half blooded dragons.

As shown and stated, the Eight of the Nine Dragon Sons were stated to have the power approaching the level of the "Nine Kings", while Waltz, the eldest, was stated to have already reached the level of the Nine Kings. Later, Tom was later able to become similarly powerful after devouring Triger and taking his dragon factors.

And then... an explosion. A cone of dust and stone erupts from the ground beneath the Dragonpit, raining down death on those caught in its path. It's "the beast beneath the boards" Alicent's daughter Helaena (Phia Saban) has been murmuring about since episode 8. Out of this dark cloud emerges Meleys, the dragon known as the Red Queen for the crown of spikes adorning her neck. Seated on her back is her rider, Rhaenys (Eve Best), donning silver and red armor.

"She's packed it," Best notes of Rhaenys' battle attire. "She's traveled to King's Landing with it because it's part of her dragon-riding equipment. Also, probably in that moment of knowledge in episode 8, she's flying into tricky waters... She hasn't worn it for a very, very, very long time and the fact that she's wearing it means business. It's like, 'This is it. No more games.'"

Rhaenys' stunt at Aegon's crowning is something author George R.R. Martin did not include in the source material, the Targaryen historical record of Fire and Blood. Though, it's not hard to imagine a royal family wanting to scrub the official account of any embarrassment for the history books. Rhaenys has the power to end the impending civil war over succession before it even begins. Alicent prepares to die as Meleys rears her head, but instead of torching them all in dragon fire, the creature unleashes a ferocious scream. Rhaenys and her steed then burst through the Dragonpit doors and fly off to Dragonstone to inform Princess Rhaenyra Targaryen (Emma D'Arcy), Viserys' true chosen heir, that her throne has just been usurped.

It's a feeling of shared respect between these two women that extends to the final event of episode 9. Even in the face of death, Alicent steps in front of Aegon, shielding his body from the line of dragon fire. Kilner takes cinematic liberties to enhance the drama: as the soldiers in the back are pushing the Dragonpit doors shut and Meleys, looming large in the left of the screen, closes in on Alicent, the scene echoes what Rhaenys tells the Queen about needing to make "a window in the wall of your prison."

"It was the very end of the shoot. We [were] all absolutely exhausted and I remember the dragon riding sandwiched in between two days of really heavy dialogue," Best recalls. "I'd slightly done my back in somehow. I was being strapped on the dragon, really not feeling like it very much. Certainly feeling like a bit of a bag of bones." 041b061a72


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