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Heard is set to star in Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom (2023), a sequel to Aquaman.[78] An online petition to remove Heard from the film began following her ex-husband Depp's loss in his UK libel case and his replacement in the Fantastic Beasts films in 2020. The petition "alleges that Heard lied about her accusations against Depp and is herself 'a known and proven domestic abuser'".[86][better source needed] Heard described the campaign as "paid rumors and paid campaigns on social media",[87] and the film's co-producer, Peter Safran, confirmed that Heard would appear in the sequel.[88] By the start of the 2022 Depp v. Heard trial in the US, the petition had reached 2 million signatures.[89] In her testimony, Heard stated that she "'fought really hard to stay in the movie' but that 'they didn't want to include me in the film' and only shot a 'very pared-down version' of her part".[90] DC Films president Walter Hamada, who testified for Depp, stated that they had considered recasting Mera but that it was due to concerns over Heard's chemistry with Momoa rather than the abuse allegations. Hamada also said that the role's reduced capacity in the sequel was because the film had always intended to focus on the relationship between Momoa and Patrick Wilson's characters.[91][92] Heard is also attached to appear in Conor Allyn's forthcoming period drama, In the Fire.[93]

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