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Where To Buy A Steam Mop

Many people like the idea of cutting down on chemical cleaners with a steam mop. These machines use only water and produce steam to help loosen grime on floors. Some come with attachments for cleaning grout and certain fabric, making them an extremely versatile and powerful part of a cleaning routine.

where to buy a steam mop

Be aware that steam mops aren't made for every floor or every fabric. Even ones that claim to be gentle enough for hardwood or laminate may damage flooring. Manufacturers say their mops should be safe for ceramic tile and stone floors, but you may still want to spot test before doing a full run.

We tested five steam mops on a variety of stains on several types of flooring. You can find more about our methodology here. We also spoke to cleaning and flooring experts for tips on choosing and using a steam mop.

The PowerFresh Deluxe performed well in most of the cleaning tests, except for the egg yolk, which all the machines struggled with to some extent. However, it did well with the mustard, though it couldn't remove the set-in stains on some surfaces. (No steam mop we tried was able to.) It easily cleaned honey without leaving a sticky residue behind.

Two washable microfiber pads come with the PowerFresh, one of which is nubbier and meant for spills and stains that are harder to clean. But what really improved the cleaning performance was removing the mop head to use a brush that's attached to the body of the mop. It's a bit like a scrub brush with bright orange bristles that you don't have to get on your hands and knees to use. This is a hands-free operation, though you do need to turn the mop off first so you don't release steam while your foot is close by.

There are light and heavy steam outputs that you change with the press of a button. It takes about 30 seconds for the machine to heat up after you press the power button. An accompanying measuring cup is used to fill the generous reservoir. One drawback is that you can't remove the tank to empty it if you have water left over after you're done cleaning. The 19-ounce tank should give you around 25 to 30 minutes of cleaning, so you may not want to fill it up for quick jobs.

The Deluxe is responsive and maneuverable. It also stands on its own for easier storage. If you like scent while you clean, there's a tray for included scent discs that release fragrance while steaming.

It should serve you well if you're mainly using it as a floor mop, but the real reason to buy this model is all its attachments. The PowerFresh Pet comes with three brushes, two for the bathroom and one for the kitchen. The bristles are different colors so you don't mix them up, which is a nice touch. You also get a scraper, grout tool, and fabric steamer. There's a bag for all the attachments, which makes them easier to store.

This is the heaviest steam mop we tested. When the pod is separated from the base so you can use the attachments, it weighs about 4.5 pounds. This fatigue some people. We also felt the PowerFresh Pet was a little stiff to maneuver when we used it in its mop form.

While we still wouldn't recommend using the Shark Steam & Scrub S7001 on laminate, wood, or other water-and-heat-adverse floors, we liked the control it offered with its three steam levels. The button lets you select between light, regular, and deep modes depending on what you're cleaning.

The tank is accessible for filling with the included cup, but it's not removable for emptying afterwards. It holds less than 11 ounces of water, enough for about 15 to 20 minutes of cleaning, depending on the steam level.

Shark Genius S6002 Steam Pocket Mop: This Shark steam mop did a fine job cleaning, but there were a few things that kept it from making the cut. First, it was the only mop we tested that couldn't stand on its own. That makes it more of a pain to store and to pause while cleaning. It only has a single level of steam, though you can get an extra burst by flipping the mop head over. The smaller triangular head was a great addition but not enough to make up for a pricey mop without a ton of features.

Shark S1000 Steam Mop: While this is by far the cheapest steam mop we tested and it cleaned about as well as its other Shark counterparts, there was a lot to be desired. There's no way to control the steam output beyond the pumping action required to operate the mop. There's also no standby mode for when you power the mop on or need to pause. It also has the shortest cord of any steam mop we tested, making it likely you'll need to unplug and replug it in throughout your cleaning.

In order to see how steam mops compare in cleaning capabilities, we saw how well each cleaned dried-on egg, mustard, and honey on a variety of surfaces, including tile, wood, and laminate (though we don't recommend using steam mops on laminate or wood floors).

We also spoke to Leanne Stapf, COO of The Cleaning Authority, and Brett Miller, vice president of Technical Standards, Training, and Certification for the National Wood Flooring Association, for advice on using steam mops.

We also read as many owner reviews as we could, although steam mop reviews on Amazon are heavily influenced by reviewers provided with free samples by a few companies. Reviewers also often fail to specify the type of floors they are cleaning, or suggest uses for their mop that most people should avoid.

While steam is flowing, we felt a slight, intermittent vibration in the handle of the PowerFresh. It was helpful in some way to know when the mop had steam (since it lacks a warm-up/cool-down light), but it could be annoying to some with longer cleaning jobs.

The beauty of steam cleaning is that it uses superheated water instead of chemicals without sacrificing results! In fact, the H2O HD steam cleaner is lab proven to kill 99% of germs, bacteria, and viruses*, making it the family safe, healthy, eco-friendly, and all-natural wayto clean your entire home.

Steam Clean Virtually Every Surface in Your Home!Use the floor steamer on vinyl, laminate, sealed hardwood, marble, and more. Add the glider to clean and refresh carpets and rugs. As a handheld steamer works on countertops, windows, bathroom tile, porcelain, stainless steel sinks, and more.

Offer Details: Full Price before taxes: $159.99. Free Shipping & Handling. Web-Only offer is limited to stock availability over an undetermined period of time. This offer may be discontinued at any time without notice. Not suitable on unsealed wood or unsealed laminate. Always test on an inconspicuous area before steam cleaning a larger area.

Steam mops work by heating up water to produce steam (most mops heat water to a temperature between 200 and 250 degrees Fahrenheit). The hot steam kills dust mites, mold, mildew and viruses on contact, and gets rid of dust and grime in the process. The steam quickly evaporates as you mop, leaving you with clean, dry floors with virtually no harsh chemicals or back-breaking scrubbing.

Pick up crumbs and pet hair and steam mop at the same time with the Bissell PowerFresh all-in-one. It has both a water reservoir for mopping, and a dry tank for collecting debris. The buttons on the handle let you switch between functions while cleaning, so you can either vacuum and steam at the same time, or do them separately.

*Good to Know: Steam could damage the wood grain of unsealed hardwood floors, just as it could alter the state of a waxed floor. So, it's a good idea to test an area before steaming a room's entire floor or an entire surface. When in doubt, check your model's instruction manual for more information.

Which type of steam mop you choose will depend on various factors, including how much area you need to cover and your cleaning habits. Generally, there are two main types of steam mops, both of which offer optimal cleaning capabilities (depending upon your needs).

Steam Mops: These lightweight, upright machines are easily maneuverable with a mop-like head. The mop holds removable, reusable cleaning pads through which steam is ejected to cleanse surfaces. Ideal for interiors.

Steam Canisters: Larger in size, the canister variety of steam mop can hold more water in its reservoir, which increases its steam cleaning time to approximately 2 hours (in some cases). Ideal for cleansing hard flooring, counters, bathroom and/or kitchen tile, grout, and upholstered furniture (depending on attachment).

The size of the steam cleaner's water reservoir determines how long it will function before you have to refill the tank. Generally, handheld models have a small tank, which means frequent refilling; canister mops have larger reservoirs for longer cleaning periods.

Opt for a steam mop with a built-in water heater. Well-heated water is critical for effective steaming and cleaning. Choose a steam mop that heats water to the boiling point of 212 degrees Fahrenheit (some will heat water even hotter). Look for models that quickly heat the water; a plugged in steam mop will usually be ready to use in a few minutes time.

As a water-based cleaning method, steam mops leave surfaces wet, which means you'll need to allow for drying time. The waiting time depends on the surface you've cleaned and the temperature of the water during cleaning. Models that heat water up to high temperatures and force heat through the mop generally have quicker drying times.

Steam cleaners can be used for cleaning a variety of surfaces and objects, but some types will be better for particular jobs than others. Recognizing the different uses and features of the main four types of steam cleaners will help you pinpoint which is the best fit for your needs.

Handheld steam cleaners are small, portable and fall on the more affordable end of the price spectrum for this type of appliance. The prices will range, but typically fall right around $100, although there are some cheaper models out there.

Steam mops are designed primarily for cleaning floors. Resembling the look and feel of a stick vacuum, this type of steam cleaner is upright, easy to handle and lightweight. Steam mops usually include a water tank either in or attached to the handle. 041b061a72


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