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Football betting odds: 5 ways to win big in 2024

The concept of football scores

Betting on the outcome of a football match in terms of goals scored is referred to as betting odds. Football fans are always interested in the score results of every football match that takes place. Additionally, the form of betting on match scores is simple and appealing, attracting many bettors to participate on chosen betting platforms. The goal-scoring odds mainly revolve around the final outcome of the match. Players will win when they predict and place their bets correctly, and vice versa.

The English term for betting on football scores is Correct Score (CS). To emerge as a winner on Wintips, players must provide the match result and predict the most accurate outcome of the match. You will know whether your bet was correct or incorrect after the match concludes.

However, players need to conduct research and analyze football information before the match to make the most accurate football predictions 100 %. In the Decimal or Fractional Odds column, the scoring odds are displayed on the scoreboard.

Example of football score betting

In the match between England and Iran on November 21, 2022, at 20:00 in the World Cup 2022, if you bet 100 points on the score England 1 - 0 Iran with the odds of 0.9, you will receive 190 points. Out of this, 100 points represent the initial amount you bet, and 90 points represent the amount you won.

The reward points for each score bet will vary. The harder the score is to predict, the higher the reward ratio. For example, if you bet 100 points on the score of England vs Iran with the score 4-3 and the odds are 204, you will receive 20,400 points. Out of this, 20,300 points represent the amount you won, and 100 points represent your initial bet.

Pros and cons of football score betting

Advantages and Disadvantages of Football Score Betting:


Do you know why correct score betting is so appealing and popular? The main reason is because it has several advantages, including:

Players are free to bet on any score they predict.

The payout odds for correct scores are often significantly higher than basic bet types like handicap, 1×2, or over/under bets, creating opportunities to make money quickly.


If you're learning about correct score bets, remember that it's not perfect 100% of the time and has its own limitations, including:

Low winning probability because you need to accurately predict the score, not just get close.

Players need knowledge of football and specific matches because randomly placing bets often yields poor results.

The hottest forms of football score betting

Today, to provide diversity and choices for players, betting sites not only offer a single way of betting but also a variety of different options. Below is a compiled list of the most popular types of bets:

Predicting the exact score of both teams in the first half.

Predicting the final score of the match.

Betting on the score within a specific period you desire.

Betting on the number of goals scored by both teams, whether it's an even or odd number.

Predicting which team scores first or last in the match.

How to calculate winnings in football score betting

When betting, accurately calculating the odds is important, regardless of whether you tip for win or lose. There are several different calculation methods depending on the odds provided by the bookmaker. Below are the terms related to calculating betting money that you can refer to:

Full win: Winning money = Capital x Odds.

Half win: Winning money = 1/2 x Capital x Odds + Initial capital.

Full loss: Losing money = Capital (all capital is lost).

Half loss: Losing money = 1/2 x Capital (half of the initial amount is lost).

Steps to play football score betting at Wintips

Playing football score betting is very easy and can be understood even by new players, even if they don't have much experience with online betting sites. The reason for this is because the betting process only involves a few simple steps:

Step 1: Register an account and log in to your Wintips account.

Step 2: Deposit money into your account through the payment methods provided by the betting website.

Step 3: Select the "Sports" section and then go to the "Football Score Betting Board" on the website.

Step 4: Here, you will choose the specific score bet you want to place and note the odds provided by the bookmaker.

Step 5: Finally, you just need to wait for the result of the match and receive automatic rewards immediately after the match ends.

Popular types of football score betting

Here are the most popular types of football score betting at Wintips:

European Handicap (1×2): European Handicap, also known as 1×2, is a type of bet that many people favor. European Handicap is simple and does not require much calculation. Based on football score experience and evaluation, you just need to place money on one of three possibilities: win, lose, or draw.

Asian Handicap: Asian Handicap, a type of bet without a draw option, only has options for over or under. This means you can only choose the winning team or the losing team. Asian Handicap often has relatively high odds and is popular among players in the Asian region.

Over/Under Bet: Over/Under Bet is a type of bet that only focuses on the total number of goals scored in the match. You don't need to worry about which team wins or loses. This type of bet is considered the most interesting among the three types because it focuses on the total number of goals scored in the match.

5 ways to accurately predict football scores in every match on Wintips

Below are some ways to predict football scores to help you win:

Understanding information about both teams before the match

This is always a crucial and important factor when participating in betting to predict football scores in any match. While the odds provided by Wintips are important, if you don't research and consider comprehensive information about both teams, you are likely to fall prey to the temptations and traps set by betting sites.

Information you need to know before the match includes: Team records, Head-to-head history, Home or away? Quality of each team's attack, Do the tactics of the coaches counter each other?, etc.

Afterward, by synthesizing the information, you will independently verify the odds provided by the bookmaker to have a basis for accurately predicting "Win - Draw - Lose" (occupying more than 50% of the results) in the football score, then analyze to find the most reasonable final score.

Monitoring payouts throughout the match

This is a crucial secret to predicting football scores, as amateurs often only monitor payouts a few times during the match, or only at a familiar bookmaker. Therefore, all your information and opinions belong to only one source.

Professional football bettors always closely monitor payout odds throughout the match. Not only on Wintips, they can also look for other bookmakers and notice the differences in odds between them. From there, understanding the correlation and general trend between betting tables reinforces the score you choose.

Predicting football scores by comparing odds from bookmakers

The secret to accurately predicting football scores lies in this trick. After synthesizing and analyzing carefully the match information, you will have to refer to the Over/Under odds of many different bookmakers.

When you have data on the total number of goals that the bookmakers have determined, then your score must revolve around this level, and the accuracy of the prediction will be much higher.

Continue to coordinate the analysis of the bookmakers' payout odds according to each score, then you will select the necessary answer.

Analyzing football based on side bets

Side bets affect over 40% of match scores, so if you want to accurately predict football scores, you absolutely must not ignore them. Important side-by-side statistics to pay attention to include: corner betting strategy kicks, Yellow cards, Offsides, First goal scorer, Throw-ins, etc.

These numbers all provide additional information for you to view and understand the match situation more accurately, so make it a habit to carefully consider these numbers.

Consulting football scores from top experts

Currently, there are many experts who predict football scores with high accuracy as well as provide very accurate pre-match knowledge and information.

You can refer to reputable betting sites or through pre-match comments from football pundits, famous players, perspectives from famous coaches, etc., to get the desired score.

Remember that after consulting betting odds from many places, you still have to apply the above 4 tips to find the most suitable answer for yourself.


Score betting is one of the most popular types of betting in the betting world. Bettors often closely follow matches to make predictions for the matches they are interested in. Hopefully, the information about how to predict scores from Wintips will help you win here! Read more: dropping odds strategy - Advice and Forecasts


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