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Codeigniter User Guide Version 2.1.2 Pdf Download __TOP__

  • Change Log[3.0.6] 2022-10-10Updates & Improvementsupdate Bootstrap to v5.2.2

  • update Popper to v2.11.6

  • add new page: Validation Page

  • update start-0 and end-0 classes on RTL

  • fix perfectScrollbar issue on RTL

  • fix the NavTabs second active tab issue

  • move the flatpickr init on the main JS file

  • [3.0.5] 2022-06-14BugFixingfix inputs on RTL

  • update tag border

  • [3.0.4] 2022-06-07Update and Improvementsupdate Bootstrap to v5.2.0-beta1

  • fix modal close button on docs

  • update color of .form-control on Dark

  • fix Chat Page on responsive

  • [3.0.3] 2022-03-07Update and Improvementsfix running 'npm install' issue

  • fix SCSS compiling issues

  • [3.0.2] 2021-12-14Update and ImprovementsUpdate Bootstrap to v5.1.3

  • Add new page - Chat/messages

  • Fix sidebar scroll issue

  • Fix Authentication Pages navbar issue

  • Update inputs to work with 'value'

  • Fix Dark Mode issues for dropdowns, blur cards

  • Fix sidebar background color on resize

  • [3.0.1] 2021-08-24Update and ImprovementsFix broken links

  • Fix Documentation links

  • Fix old Documentation styling

  • Fix sidebar logo color on dark-version

  • Update background-color

  • Update pricing

  • [3.0.0] 2021-08-16Update and ImprovementsUpdate Bootstrap to v5.1.0

  • Update to Material Design 2

  • Add more example pages

  • Add Light/Dark feature

  • New Documentation version

  • [2.1.2] 2020-03-13BugFixingFixed the perfectScrollbar plugin issue

  • Change name color variables from $brand-*color to $*color

  • [2.1.1] 2020-02-21Improvements, BugFixingFixed the broken links

  • [2.1.0] 2018-11-13Improvements, BugFixingChanges for responsive devices

  • Improvements and BugFixing for documentation

  • Change versions on CSS and JS files

  • DataTable responsive fixes

  • Example Pages small establishments

  • Pro Documentation integrated in Free Version

  • New page - Error Page 404

  • Eliminated extra CSS and JS

  • [2.0.2] 2018-06-21BugFixingMultilevel dropdown integration

  • Small changes for responsive devices

  • Fixed-plugin in user archive integration

  • Speed optimizations

  • Documentation errors fixed

  • Gulp compiling of the SASS files

  • Change versions on CSS and JS files

  • Small changes for components

  • [2.0.1] 2018-03-21BugFixingFixed validation inputs

  • Fixed SweetAlert

  • Navbar dropdown fixed on mobile responsive

  • [2.0.0] 2018-03-15Bootstrap 4 updateCore base code on Bootstrap 4

  • Documentation code base written from scratch

  • Speed optimizations

  • Class changes :.card-block to .card-body.navbar-toggleable-* to .navbar-expand-*.hidden--down to .d-none .d--block.hidden--up to .d--none.checkbox to to .form-check

  • more class changes here:

  • Bug fixes for responsive devices

  • Small changes for components

  • [1.2.1] 2017-11-17RTL Supportadded new page with RTL Support

  • BugFixingSweetAlert fixed on IE and browser console fixed error

  • Replaced es6-promise-auto.min.js library with core.js (CDN script)

  • Chartist.js fixed error from browser console

  • PerfectScrollbar fixed on IE

  • [1.2.0] 2017-09-05BugFixing, Plugin ChangeAdded a new Sidebar-menu ( the old one was replaced ) and a new color for the Sidebar-menu red with white the active color

  • Plugins that were updated to the latest versions:jquery.min.js 3.2.1

  • es6-promise-auto.min.js 4.1.1

  • noUiSlider.min.js 10.0.0

  • chartist.min.js 0.11.0

  • fullcalendar.min.js 3.5.0

  • jquery.bootstrap-wizard.js 1.4.2

  • 1.12.2

  • Added Arrive.js library for elements that are inserted dinamically

  • Removed library because this it's not compatible with jquery 3+

  • Added version in CSS and JS links

  • Bug Fixes

  • [1.1.0] 2016-11-17BugFixing, Plugin ChangeFix bug on main panel > content while you use the Sidebar Mini

  • Replaced select plugin with a more complex select bootstrap-select

  • Added File Input library by Jasny

  • change filter colors for example pages

  • fix Charts responsive issue when switching from Desktop to Mobile

  • added PerfectScrollbar just for Windows, fix problem in MacOs and Ubuntu

[1.0.0] 2016-11-03Initial Release

Codeigniter User Guide Version 2.1.2 Pdf Download

Because ItemBody content is expected to be presented to candidates with a wide variance of perceptual, cognitive processing, physical capabilities, etc.; assessment content should be made as accessible as possible to the widest range of candidates. Guidance on how to provide accessible content is sprinkled throughout this implementation guide, but is certainly not the definitive nor complete documentation on providing accessible content to people. Implementers should stay current in methods and approaches that help increase access to assessment content for all users.

This example takes a famous mathematical problem and presents it to the user as a game. The qti-feedback-block element, in association with a number of outcome variables is used to control the flow of the story, from the opening gambit through to whether or not you have won a prize. When the story concludes you are asked about the strategy you adopted. Notice that the scoring for the question is based on the actual strategy you took (one mark) and your answer to the final question (two marks). If you choose a bad strategy initially you are always punished by losing the game. If you feel that this is cheating take a look at a more realistic version of the same question which combines adaptivity with the powerful feature of item templates: Monty Hall (Take 2).

There is a notable exception, where some assessments provide "stacked" translations, where the content switches back and forth between two languages by providing a chunk of content in one language (like a paragraph of text), then following that chunk with the second language translation. For stacked translated content, it would make sense to include multiple languages, as well as providing the language in the "srclang" attribute using ISO 639 notation, as well as using the "label" attribute of the track (label="English") to identify the captions for the different language versions. Typically, those language labels appear in a list when the user selects the Closed Caption (CC) icon.

Programming with CodeIgniter MVC provides a simple step-by-step guide to efficiently utilizingthe CodeIgniter MVC framework for developing web applications. This book is packed with engaging examples to understand the usage of controllers, libraries, and (Codeigniter) CI Models. This book commences with a quick discussion of the CodeIgniter Integration with external plugins such as Flickr API, Google Maps and more will be reviewed with clear usage examples. It will then cover CI naming convention rules, mandatory and optional configurations, and usage within a CI project. It will also cover user defined configurations.

Once we've set up a local web development environment, we'll need to download the latest version of CI, which is Version 2.1.2 at the time of writing this book. The link to download the latest version is Now, if we look inside the CI folder, we should see the following directory tree: 350c69d7ab


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