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The first time I heard about THYROID EYE DISEASE, it was too late for me

September 2008, after years of pain and suffering dealing with the aftermath of a near fatal medical mistake, and all the ups and down, body metabolical U-turns from Thyrotoxicocis while too hyper for my own god, to HYPO-Thyroid via a sweet period of EU-Thyroid, I finally got then courage to search for info online about what I was going through and a light appeared: 

I could not believe that HELP EXISTED outside the uber-search for huge drops or jumps in my TSH, T3, T4 etc.. while being received almost every 6-12 months by an Endocrinologist and ill-guided by a GP convinced that Anti-Depressants would be the perfect solution to my problems

So Finally in September I discovered that I was not alone!

Selfish Ted journey was planted with the original objective to attract the attention of celebrities like Oprah Winfrey who were said at the time to also suffer from the Disease via writing a book about my story with the support of Doctor Olivia Morris from Moorfields Eye Hospital, carrying out studies on the subjects at then time

The idea of writing a book finally turned into using my profession to raise awareness for a Disease, certainly a huge causing for chaos for someone like me who had struggle with just about all aspects of my body from being a fashion model to a Model agent and photographer.

for so many years I tried to forget and hoped to one day wake-up from this nightmare all back into my old-self, 

A thyrotocicocis, 8 surgeries later, 3 major accidents, a medical mistake and Cancer later, I am so grateful to have the 2nd chance to RE-LAUNCH with your help and bring my little "je ne sais quoi" to the balance of making life if not easier, at least a bit more fun and united to many TED Patients (because we are really patient) and all this while raising awareness about such socially debilitating disease and pointing few useful links and addresses to you my friends here.

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