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The beginning of a journey

is the most beautiful moment 

of it all. The extraordinary instant

where everything is very possible...

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From 2020,

we focus on

both national and international placements

with a limited number of respectful models who

understand our industry and are eager to team work to reach their goals 

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From 2020,

we focus on



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  • (MA) Mother Agencies
    The term mother agency is used within the fashion industry to describes model agencies who usually scout/discover, develop and manage models careers while placing them in Sister-Agencies. (next) At any given time a model is signed with only one Mother-Agency (MA) in the world against 10% commission of models fees made with each (SA) Sister-Agency. an MA can sign a model within multiple SA in the world, with each SA usually having an exclusive right over their national geographical territory (SA in Milan covering the whole ITALY). Mother agency's contract usually run for 1-3 years, with 3-6 notice period (depending on each agency) unless terminated earlier in accordance to the various relevant clauses of each contract including the default termination clauses. (breach, behaviour etc...) The Model appoints The MA (mother-Agency) as their exclusive representative in respect of all work as a fashion model for the duration of their Agreement. This means The Model will book all engagements to work as a fashion model through The Agency including non paid assignments and will refer all direct enquiries to his/her MA. The Model therefore grants The Agency the sole authority for the duration of the Agreement to negotiate and collect on behalf of The Model all income and fees generated for any fashion modelling work or assignments carried out by The Model. Eventhough the model is signed within a mother agency, the Model remains self-employed and is not entitled to any holiday or pension.
  • (SA) Sister Agencies
    We described, earlier, a [MA] Mother Agency as the agency which discovers/scouts then develop and manage a model's career from the start, providing models with the necessary credentials. materials and experience to start a professional modelling career. The term SISTER-AGENCY then describe any other sufficiently established foreign model agency in the world (outside the [MA] national geographical territory), capable of welcoming a model for few days to few weeks at a time, usually advancing the travel/transfer and/or accommodations costs in order to facilitate a fruitful working collaoration between them and the model for a given period of a time Models do sign a contract with [SA]s, usually in the main fashion cities where work is frequent yet, Models may only be invited to remain few days or weeks at a time occasionally, during on Fashion Weeks or for other client based opportunities. Such locations include: Milan, London, Paris, New York but also China, Japan, Korea, South Africa, with great ever emerging ew territories.
  • The Term [PLACEMENT]
    In very simple terms placing a model refers to the activity of signing a model into a sister agency. (see above: difference between mother agency and sister agencies). Usually, [MA] organise the placement of a model within a specific [SA]. Either at the request of the model or as part of a straightforward Priorly understood strategy to promote the model worldwide, following the fairly traditional fashion week schedules dates (Milan, London, Paris, New York etc...). Once a placement is agreed: - MA sign an a commission agreement with a SA - Model sign a full contract with the SA - and model is already signed with MA
  • Placement's Duration
    Depending on each geographical territory placemenst often range from 1-2 weeks to few months. Some [SA]s require an increase of models attendance at the time of fashion week and therefore invite models in town for 1-3 weeks prior and/or after the fashion weeks season. More specifically some overseas agencies may offer a fix placement term of 2-3 months' placement opportunity with advanced travel Visa and accommodation and really pocket money. Usually for highly promising models with either good portfolios and/or strong profile. Due to the proximity of many European cities with nowadays travelling facilities, some agency consider the immediate European countries as their IN-TOWN territory, especially beneficial to overseas models choosing 1 man base in Europe.
  • Placements Terms
    Each [SA] has their own contract/placement terms. Before accepting to be signed in any [SA] it is important for models to - request an English version copies of the [SA] contract - READ IT ENTIRELY - and query any necessary points by their [MA] or ask any questions It is often the case for [SA] to include in their contracts all necessary details about the following advanced fee: - Travel/Airport transfers and Visas - Accommodations (models apartments) - Prints and Cards, Book, Portfolio Images - etc... Of course any amount advance by a sister agency will be recupD from models earnings.
  • Placement's Location
    Although a model can be placed in any agency in the world outside the [MA] national territory, many cities like Paris, Milan, London, New York.. are the centre of huge fashion opportunities. many overseas cities running outside the traditional FAB.4 fashion week calendars also offer amazing off-season 2-3 (often 10 weeks) duration placement contract with the bonus of advancing - travel/transfers/visas - accommodation in model's flat - and sometime weekly pocket-money. and even at times forecast model's earnings in advance. - Beijing/Shanghai (China) - Seoul (Korea) - Tokyo (Japan) - Cape Town (South Africa) - Sao Paulo (Brazil) ...
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