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Model to Model Agent


- A -

Alacarte Model Agency

Following a major health challenge, Former model BIJOU started assisting European Fashion Designers with their models castings during the major Salons/Fairs in England, France and Germany. Little realising that this would be the beginning of a new fashion adventure 2 decades later.

Business Master Graduate (UK De Montfort University / France Sup de Co. de Chamberry & Germany FachhochSchule des Saarlandes), Bijou rapidly developped a great flair for marketing and thanks to her serious multicultural communication skills, the Fashion industry rapidly became the thriving ground on which BIJOU built AIMS CREATIVES over the years, originally to support her Alacarte Modelling Agency, Models developments schemes.

Aims Creatives, today, tremendously benefits from Bijou's amazing contacts base as well as her experience in setting mainly Models & Actors' careers apart while building their confidence and attitude to make it long term broadly in the ENTERTAINMENT/FASHION INDUSTRY. Most of all all, AIMS CREATIVES CLIENTS very much appreciate, the strong MENTORING and CONFIDENTIAL SUPPORT they receive towards building a solid and professional INTERNATIONAL MEDIA PROFILE.

THE BEAUTIFUL PART is when working with Aims Creatives, you also have the chance to make a difference for many TED patients, through the charitable cause BIJOU started few years ago,  Launch sponsored by FASHION CAPITAL in December 2010 ( / Instagram @thyroidmodel) to raise awareness for Thyroid Eye Disease (and various other auto-immunue invisible disabilities)




DUBAI BASED DESiGNER NAJLA ( London Shoot, 22nd October 2014)

MODEL: Imene @Alacarte, PHOTO: Imagerie , MUA/Hair: Cuneyt Ozketen

Modelling Consultant 


- M -


- catwalk Training

- Understanding Fashion Modelling

- Creative Confidence & Portfolio Building


is one of the favourite services we offer here at AIMS Totally dedicated to models willing to gain serious credentials and experience within the international Fashion Modelling Market while building solid portfolio and either starting or Boosting their Career


 www.modelista.(tbc) / 0044 795 2991 795


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Published Photographer


- I -

Imagerie Photography

While developing models worldwide, IMAGERIE PHOTGRAPHY was born from over 10 years amazing creative collaborations with many great Artists, Designers and Modelling Talents together teaming up with the AIM of creating strong fashion editorials, shows or events mostly in London.

Today, it is a pleasure to still accept few photographic booking a year in London, UK or the French Riviera and soon in Paris (on demand)

Following recent successful partnership with music bands and executives between Cannes and Monaco, Imagerie offers personalised packages in the French Riviera, each year, from mainly May to August  and in October and November.




Charity FundRaiser

- S -

Selfish TED / TED Gala
BIJOU, who suffer an extreme form of Thyroid Eye Disease followed a life threathening Tyrotoxicocis, followed by a medical mistake with serious consequences, launched, a charitable cause dedicated to raise awareness for this highly debilitating and isolating disease, very selfish ted indeed because it keeps you for itself
While fighting to recover as well as possible from this dramatic medical challenges and live her dream life, she was too often rejected for her appearance or lack of energy or sometimes the basic human capabilities.
This did not deter Bijou to give it all to become a positive influence, AGAINST THE ODD, thanks to sheer willpower and ethical discipline. The road was bumpy and even bumpier along the way with multiples surgeries and cancer and other unusual medical challenges. But as she says,"when  I was told me to stop dreaming by a social-worker preparing my social recovery from hospital, I knew there and then that I had to dream even bigger"
Join our SELFISH TED community and together let us make a difference with TED GALA initiative

_____________________________________ / 0044 795 2991 795

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